Conserving Energy saves CKTC a bundle

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center conserves energy each year by participating in the Public Service of Oklahoma‘s Peak Performers program. Peak Performers work with PSO to voluntarily reduce their energy use during times of high demand. PSO has more than 230 businesses, schools, churches and cities statewide participating in the Peak Performers program.

Facility and Maintenance Director David Darnell reported that CKTC established a baseline for utility costs in FY2016, and has saved well over $30,000 to date. For its commitment to the energy program, David Darnell and Jamie Pittman, Facility and Maintenance Administrative Assistant recently accepted an $8,514.49 rebate for the center.

Darnell said a crucial part of CKTC’s success is the diligence of the staff and everyone doing their part.

“One of the key factors in our energy-saving efforts is that we shut off our air conditioners during high energy times,” said David Darnell. “After we get a peak notification from PSO, we set our units to turn off during that time.”

Darnell also reported that staff works diligently to make sure lights in unused meeting areas and offices are turned off. Another area of concentration is saving energy by making sure things like appliances and non-essential office equipment are also unplugged. With 13 buildings, an active business and seminar center and 14 programs with shops up and running, these efforts prove critical in saving energy and costs.

The amount each business gets back is based on the average kilowatts saved over all the peak events. This year CKTC received $1,000 more than last year.

The rebate, along with money saved by being more energy-efficient, goes into CKTC’s general fund. Staff and administrators are looking into more practices to continue improving their services to the district.

For over half a century, CKTC has provided career training, business and industry services and leadership programs to a rural district in southwest Oklahoma. Opportunities at CKTC range from business and health to science and transportation trades. Additionally, CKTC offers customized workplace training and short-term training. More information about CKTC is available online at or by calling 405.643.5511. CKTC is a proud member of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, which provides leadership and resources and assures standards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education. The system offers programs and services in 29 technology center districts.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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