Nurses are the heart of healthcare!

Learn how to provide top-quality patient care in a variety of medical settings, to prepare you for a fulfilling career as an LPN. Our in-depth curriculum provides the relevant instruction you need in both simulated and real-life settings, as well as skills, terminology and confidentiality that will benefit you in the nursing field.

LPNs have been called the eyes and ears for Registered Nurses and physicians. Practical nurses often have more hands-on time caring for patients than RN’s or doctors. As a diligent nurse, ongoing and accurate assessment is vital. In addition to monitoring and assessing patients, medication is administered and dressings are changed. Many LPNs are in charge nurse positions, many others assist patients with personal care.

There is also high demand for LPN jobs, due to the aging population. You’ll discover an abundance of entry-level jobs for LPN candidates with little to no experience, meaning you can quickly enter the work force and begin to make connections. And, should you ever decide to pursue an RN career, becoming an LPN gives you the opportunity to get real-world experience and support yourself while pursuing that goal.

If you’re aspiring to become a nurse, let the practical nursing program be your springboard to an exciting, fulfilling career.

Students enrolled in the program will prepare for the NCLEX licensure exam.

The program cost for the Practical Nursing program is $5,783.25.

Class Information

Classes are held at our campus in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. Students are required to attend on a full-time basis (30 hours a week) in order to successfully complete the practical nursing program. The practical nursing program is limited to 20 students. In the practical nursing program, you’ll receive academic and clinical education in anatomy, physiology, phlebotomy and wound care. We also provide instruction on the role of an LPN as it relates to ethics and legality.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) responsibilities

  • Provide bedside care
  • Administer medications and document therapeutic effects
  • Take vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration)
  • Assist with resident comfort
  • Prepare and administer injections and/or enemas
  • Collect samples and monitor catheters
  • Provide wound care
 Only adult students can apply.

Application Deadlines

January 2025 Cohort Deadline – Friday October 4, 2024

August 2025 Cohort Deadline – Friday May 2, 2025

January 2026 Cohort Deadline – Friday October 3, 2025

August 2026 Cohort Deadline – Friday May 1st, 2024


Admission Criteria

Admission to the program is based upon specific criteria and the admission process includes the application, interview and testing as follows:

  • Licensed Practical Nursing Application (Applications are available on the Caddo Kiowa Technology Center website. Requests can be made via telephone, by mail or in person. 
  • Copies of TEAS and Interest Assessment results
  • Copies of official transcripts
  • Copy of High School transcript or GED/HiSET (no diploma copies)
  • Copy of certified birth certificate
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Verifications of all required immunizations/titers should be uploaded to the Verified Credentials website *see instructions on pg5 of the Application (Td, Varicella, Rubella, Rubeola, PPD, Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B)
  • Verified employment record (within the past 5 years)
  • Three (3) reference questionnaires in sealed envelopes (professional or educational only) received via U.S. Postal. No hand-delivered references will be accepted.
  • The applicant will be required to complete a background check with Verified Credentials.  The website information and code can be found on pg 5 of the Application.  *The applicant is responsible for all fees required with Verified Credentials.

Please refer to the LPN Application for forms that pertain to candidate preference points, criminal background check, references, immunization and validation of work experience.

Only completed applications will be considered for admission. All forms included in the PN Application Packet (including testing) must be received by 2:30 p.m. the day of the deadline to the following address:

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center
Student Services
PO Box 190
Fort Cobb, OK 73038

Student Organization

Qualities We Recommend

Practical Nursing programs are rigorous and require some safety measures. The following are considerations prospective students should keep in mind:

  • Reading, math and writing
  • Be able to memorize and comprehend medical terms
  • Computer skills
  • Friendly, honest, caring, work well with others
  • Follow directions/instructions
  • Listening skills
  • Have good organizational and time management skills
  • Standing/Lifting/Pushing/Pulling
  • Good communication skills


Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
1500 West 7th Avenue
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

Oklahoma Board of Nursing
2501 N. Lincoln Blvd. Ste. 207
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Contact Us

For more information regarding the PN application, contact:

Laurie Stocking, RN, MS