Assessment Center

CKTC offers the following assessments to individuals as well as businesses.

  • Oklahoma State Department of CareerTech Certification Tests
    • Certified Nurse Aides, Medication Aides, Advanced CMA, and Deeming (OSDH)
    • Oklahoma Home Care Administrator (OSDH)
    • Emergency Medical Responder {OSDH)
    • Medical Micropigmentologist, Tattoo/Body Piercing Artist (OSDH)
    • Professional Counseling occupations (BBHL)
    • Behavioral Case Management occupations (ODMHSAS)
    • Alarm, Locksmith, and Fire Sprinkler occupations (DOL)
    • Firefighting occupations (OSU:FST)
    • Outdoor Fireworks Display Operator (OSFM)
    • Fire Extinguisher Occupations (OSFM)
    • Private Security Occupations (CLEET)
    • POSSE Peace Officer Screening and Selection Exam (CLEET)
    • Petroleum Storage Occupations (OK Corporation Commission)
    • Alternative Fuels Occupations (DCAM-OMES)
    • Hearing Aid Fitter/Dealer (OSDH)
    • Sanitarian/Environmental Specialist (OSDH)
  • National Certifications
    • Parapro Test
    • HiSet
    • TABE – Eighth Grade Reading Proficiency Test
  • Other Certifications
    • Oklahoma State Welding Certification (Contact 405-643-3207 for information)

To schedule a test or for more information, call 405-643-3240.

Testing site in Building 100, Room 107.



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WBTE Portal:


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 Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Price List for Assessments

Tests for Programs/Outside Individuals

TEAS (Practical Nursing entrance) $75

Para Pro $55

Nurse Aide (Long Term Care) $85

  • Skills Check-off Retake $55
  • Written Retake $30

5I Deeming (Home Health) $25

CMA (Certified Medication Aide) $30

EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) $35

Driver’s License-Class D $25

Motorcycle License $25

Oklahoma POSSE $45

Unarmed Security Guard (Phase I & II) $40

Private Investigator (Phase III) $40

Armed Security Guard (Phase IV) $40

Bail Enforcement (Phase V) $50

Outdoor Fireworks Operator (same day retake $15) $25

Bail Enforcer $50

License Marriage & Family Therapist $45

Licensed Professional Counselor $45

Case Management occupations $45

Petroleum Storage- EC, AST, UST $100

Petroleum Storage- USR $100

Oklahoma Home Care Administrator $100

ODMHSAS Case Management $45

Alarm Salesperson (all areas) $45

Nurse Call Technician $45

Alarm, Locksmith, Fire Sprinkler (/Manager, Salesperson) $45

Alarm Fire Sprinkler(Technician, Inspector, Plan & Design) $60

Alternative Fuels (All areas) $50

Fire Sprinkler Inspector $60

Fire Extinguisher Written, Sales $45

Fire Extinguisher Technician, Qualified Agent/Designer $65

Sanitarian/Environmental Specialist $0

Hearing Aid Technician/Dealer $0

Micropigmentologist, Tattoo/Body Piercing Artist $200

(Retake $75)

Veternary Assistant & Retake $0

DPS – CDL Licensing Exams (A, B, C) – Written

1111-A – 1 exam per test session – $25

1111-B – 2 exams per test session – $30

1111-C – 3 exams per test session – $35

1111-D – 4 exams per test session – $40


General Knowledge



(Must pass 1st three for permit)

Double and Triple Trailers (T)

Tank Vehicle (N)

Passengers (P)

Hazardous Materials (H)

Combination Hazardous Materials and Tank Vehicle (X)

School Bus (S)

National Certification Tests for Programs Only

ServSafe Manager (Culinary Arts) $36

ServSafe Food Handler (Culinary Arts) $15

ASE Entry Level (formerly ASE Student (Auto Service, Diesel) $46

Certiport MOS(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access) $90.00 each

Certiport Adobe (Digital)$75.85

Revised 04/26/2022