CKTC was one of the first technology centers in the state. Contractors completed construction on building 100 in September 1968, and Caddo Kiowa Technology Center opened its doors to the public for the first time that year. CKTC offered 11 programs that year and had 200 students. Arvile Haire was the superintendent.

Had we arrived at the courthouse just minutes earlier in 1968, we could say we were the first in the state. Nonetheless, we claim that we are one of the oldest technology centers in Oklahoma. With our age comes a sound history with a proven track record and established partnerships. Faced with challenging economics (high poverty and unemployment rates), diverse cultures (concentration of federally recognized Native American tribal headquarters within the District) and lots of area to cover (primarily rural and agricultural), our years of promise and delivery to the people in the region are as polished as a fine piece of art.

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma is a proud member of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Oklahoma CareerTech provides leadership and resources and assures standards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education. This system offers career training and business services in 29 technology center districts.


Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
1500 West 7th Ave.
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4398


Oklahoma State Department of Education
2500 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105


CKTC’s Mission

To provide a comprehensive educational and training system.

CKTC’s Core Values

Student-Centered, Employee Ownership, Business & Industry Focused, Performance Driven

CKTC’s Vision

Create a high-quality business and industry learning environment


CKTC provides continuous school improvement to meet the needs of full-time and short-term students, business and industry and any unique or special population within the CKTC district.