Partners in Progress

On Tuesday evening, OkACTE held their 2024 Partners in Progress program at the Hilton Garden Inn in Edmond, honoring workforce partners from each technology center. This year, CKTC’s partner in progress was CHS Cooperative.

CKTC Superintendent Tony Hancock, Assistant Superintendent Jennie Nunn, Industrial/Truck Driver Training Coordinator Dale Lewis and Business & Industry Services Director John Noel attended along with Brandon Winters from CHS.

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center (CKTC) is pleased to honor CHS Cooperative in Frederick, Oklahoma as their 2023 Partner in Progress. CHS is a company-owned, locally-governed agricultural service center that is part of global CHS Inc., the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative. CHS helps farmers and customers grow their business, from harvesting and selling crops, to custom fertilization and crop protection solutions, to quality nutrition for livestock. CHS Frederick is the largest farmer-owned cooperative in southwest Oklahoma.
Caddo Kiowa Technology Center knows all too well the importance of the agricultural community. Located in Caddo County, the most diverse farming area in southwest Oklahoma, CKTC strives to support our number one industry through numerous services. Keeping with the mission of the institution, growing the workforce, CKTC knows all too well the challenges CHS faces in aiding our local farmers. CHS and CKTC are committed to providing a quality workforce for local agriculturalists. Due to the lack of trained workforce, area producers that grow seasonal crops such as wheat, cotton, watermelons, peanuts and potatoes have been employing CHS provided workers from South Africa who have their I-94 work Visas. One of the major road blocks CHS faces is providing enough Class A Certified Driver’s License (CDL) drivers to the producers in their network. International workers coming to work in the United States on I-94 work visas do not have US legal CDL’s, let alone a valid standard Class D license. Having the premier Truck Driver Training Program in southwest Oklahoma, it was only natural CHS and CKTC form this valuable partnership. 

For more than eight years, CKTC’s Truck Driver Training Program has been meeting CHS’s training needs. International farm workers attended CKTC on site, utilizing the proven curriculum and training currently established. Students are trained on state of the art truck driving simulators, outdoor truck training courses, and tractor trailers. This custom designed training for CHS allows participants to quickly and efficiently gain the skills needed to transition to the agriculture worksite. CKTC is proud to say we have met CHS’s needs with upwards of 100 certified drivers.

Those coming to the United States on I-94 Visas for season farm work return year after year. Some say it is what they look forward to most. As farm workers are desperately needed in our local community, this impacts the bottom line of our economy. The value added to our local agriculture industry allows CHS to retain CDL certified workers year after year. Long term problem, short term training program, long term partnership.

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CKTC Adds New Board Member

On Monday evening, January 8, 2024, Kassie Pettit was sworn in to serve as a board member (Seat/Zone 3, Office #1) of Caddo Kiowa Technology Center’s school board.

“We are excited to have Ms. Pettit on the board. Being a former student at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center will provide her with a unique perspective, as she helps the technology center meet the needs of patrons and communities”, stated CKTC Superintendent Tony Hancock.

Pettit is from Apache and replaced long-time board member Mr. Phil Perryman.

January is also School Board Recognition Month, so CKTC administration and staff would like to thank all of our members serving on the board for their hard work and dedication to our district.

Hancock added “While it is school board appreciation month, Caddo Kiowa Technology Center would like to take the opportunity to thank our board members for their service to the district. Those that serve on the school board at CKTC are conscientious and dedicated people committed to helping the school serve all of the communities and patrons throughout the district. Their service to the district is essential to the success of the school and is greatly appreciated.”

CKTC Board Member Phil Perryman retires

Mr. Phil Perryman served on the board at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center as a member for 14 years. Perryman recently retired after many years of hard work and service to Caddo Kiowa Technology Center. “Mr. Perryman has been an outstanding board member for Caddo Kiowa Technology Center. His commitment to staff and students never wavered. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Perryman during my tenure. He will be missed on the CKTC board”, stated Tony Hancock, Superintendent of CKTC. Caddo Kiowa Technology Center staff also added that they appreciate his support for the tech center and admired his passion for providing education to CKTC students.

Above: Phil Perryman and CKTC Board President Dustin Tackett

CKTC Robotics Team awarded grant from PSO

CKTC’s robotics team – The Crickets –  were very honored and pleased to be awarded a grant in the amount of $3,200 by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). These funds will go directly toward the design and development of next year’s robot, and other expenses related to the continued success of the program.

“PSO and our employees seek to play an active, positive role in the communities where we live and work. Our partnerships, grants and sponsorships are among the many ways we strive to improve the quality of life for all in our communities.” – Michael Hixson, PSO Manager of External Affairs

“In education, as in life, actions speak louder than words. PSO is a great example of a company that truly embodies this adage, as they continue to generously support our kids’ success. We appreciate their sponsorship, and look forward to another successful robotics season.” – Reed Allen, Team 2373 Lead Mentor/Coach

CKTC Adds School Resource Deputy

The CKTC Board of Education approved a new assigned duty of being the School Resource Deputy for the campus commissioned by Sheriff Davis with the Caddo County Sheriff’s Department.

“I have been in Law Enforcement for 27 years. I started my law enforcement career in January of 1996 by attending the Reserve Police Academy at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center. I graduated the Full Time Police Academy in 1998 and completed my Associates Degree in Police Science from OSU in 2008. In 2011 I earned my advanced law enforcement officer certification from the State of Oklahoma.”

“In my 27 years of law enforcement my duty assignments have been patrol deputy, school resource officer, tactical officer, investigator, instructor, and Lieutenant Deputy. In 2020 I became employed with Caddo Kiowa Technology Center as the Criminal Justice Instructor. In the Criminal Justice Program, I instruct students in all aspects of law enforcement from patrol to crime scene investigation.”

“In this program students receive the most current training and techniques used by law enforcement. The tech center offers some of the most advanced simulated training available in the State of Oklahoma.”

– CKTC Criminal Justice Instructor/School Resource Deputy Billy Scott

Pictured L to R: Caddo County Sheriff Department Sheriff Spencer Davis, Billy Scott and Caddo County Sheriff Department K9 Deputy Jared Martinez.

CKTC’s John Noel wins National ACTE/PACE Ambassador of the Year Award

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center’s Business and Industry Services Director John Noel was recently awarded the National ACTE/PACE Ambassador of the Year Award.

This is an award given to one individual nationally, that goes above and beyond to promote the PACE division on a Local State and National level. John has served as ACTE/PACE Vice President and has been a huge asset to the division.

Tether Tech Safety, USA receives Incubator Tenant of the Year Award

Tether Tech Safety, USA received the Incubator Tenant of the Year at the annual Oklahoma Venture Forum awards luncheon held at the Oklahoma History Center.

This award, presented by the Oklahoma Business Incubator Association, recognizes outstanding startup companies currently housed in one of the 31 Oklahoma business incubators. Caddo Kiowa Business Development Center Incubator manager Shawn Freie, nominated Tether Tech Safety, USA for the prestigious award.

Located in Caddo Kiowa Technology Center’s Business Incubator, TTS manufactures a product designed to protect against tractor trailer wheel-off incidents, using a thick steel cable running through the axle tube and tethered to a pair of wheel-end caps. This design prevents the wheel assembly from separating in the event of a bearing failure. Developers Billy Turner and Troy Miller.

The event included recognition for economic impact, venture of the year, new venture, entrepreneurial champion and incubator tenant, recognizing all aspects related to the entrepreneurial community. All nominated companies are independently owned and operated, and headquartered inside Oklahoma.

CKTC’s Crystal Nation attends Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) Educators’ Retreat

From July 6-8, seventy-nine teachers from across the state of Oklahoma (including CKTC’s Crystal Nation) attended an immersive three-day summer retreat sponsored by the people of Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas.

The goal of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) Educators’ Retreat is to provide teachers the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the state’s largest industry so they can provide context and Oklahoma-applications for lessons they already teach in their classroomThe all-expenses paid event offered hands-on industry experience and exclusive tours, including Schlumberger’s Oklahoma City facility, Enbridge’s facilities in Cushing, and a drilling rig tour hosted by Unit Drilling Company and Coterra Energy. The retreat also included a safety briefing before each tour, a presentation from Engaged Learning and a Women in STEM panel discussion.